Update, July 2017

"Men in Sheds" is a well established organisation which has been developed to engage (usually) older men in creative activities, and in so doing help to combat isolation and boredom especially in retirement. It allows men to meet together in the way that many have done for years on their allotments, and to make and repair things and generally socialise.

Visit "Men's sheds" to find out more about the National movement.

A Men in Sheds group started off in Hangleton in 2014 but had to vacate the premises being used owing to insurance difficulties, and another group met with difficulties when trying to set up in Fishersgate in 2015. In mid 2016 another new group started in Shoreham and were offered premises but these were not ideal. As the Hangleton and the Fishersgate members were still keen to meet, they decided to join forces with the Shoreham based group.

It is well established that there is a need for "Men in Sheds" activities in the local area ranging from Hove to Shoreham but the problem in starting one has been the lack of available and suitable premises. This problem has now been solved  with our acquiring the use of a large double garage in West Road, Fishersgate. The use of this venue is supported by West Sussex County Council who are in the proces of helping to set up "Sheds" in their area and are offering generous start up finance and support. We now have a constitution and Shed Officers and are already becoming quite a "social" group.

As members currently come from the areas ranging from Hangleton to Shoreham it was decided that the group would not limit it's boundaries for membership and would call itself the "SOUTHDOWNS MEN IN SHEDS " to reflect this.

The purpose of the Shed is twofold. Firstly to provide an activity that retired men can readily relate to and which can provide useful retirement activity by facilitating workshop based creative activities, and secondly to provide a social meeting point for men who might otherwise be isolated or deprived of male company. Accessing the "Men's sheds" link here (and above) will give some insight into this.


Our workshop has been generously equipped with many had tools and some basic machinery and we now have a good stock of donated timber. Work benches and tool storage areas have been made so when you are ready to visit... we have the facilities!


MONDAYS, AND FRIDAYS, 10.00am - 2.00pm.

and WEDNESDAYS 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Our address is West Road, Fishersgate.

Our garage is at the top right hand side of West Road - BN41 1QH


and you are welcome to come along and try us out!

The Hangleton and Knoll 50+ Shed group are still hoping to acquire their own premises in the Hangleton area but this could be some time away, so for the present they are fully working with the Southdown Shed.

Currently we have 5 members from Hangleton and around 8 members from the Adur area.

If this interests you and you would like to join us, please contact using this link: