Trading in helicopters since 1972.

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Dennis Kenyon has been involved in helicopter ownership and sales for forty years. He specialises in the light piston market, such as the Enstrom 28/280 range and the original Hughes, now Schweizer/Sikorsky 300 series. In the turbine market, he likes to handle the MacDonnell-Douglas MD 369- 500 models including the wonderful ‘Notar' (no tail rotor) versions. He has extensive experience of the lovely old workhorse of the helicopter industry being Bell 's marvellous 206 Jetranger and 206L Long Ranger models.

Flying a helicopter privately needs specialist knowledge and experienced advice to ensure safe and successful operations. Helicopters invariably employ dynamic components that have a published ‘life' and this can be as many as fifty items that need to be understood. This component life falls into three categories being: Overhaul life, Inspection life or Scrap life and it is important when making the purchase of a helicopter that the buyer is aware of flying times and in particular the ‘life' remaining of each component. As an example, an HIO360 engine overhaul can cost anywhere between £15,000 & £25,000 which, like the other finite life components, has a significant effect on helicopter value.

Additionally, helicopters are subject to the manufacturer's ‘calendar' or ‘hours-flown' inspections. Such inspections can be mandatory, recommended or advisory and it is also important that buyers become aware of the exact component situation and the association replacement costs.

Dennis Kenyon has completed the sale of a over 300 aircraft and has wide sales experience to assist first time buyers. A detailed component schedule is made available with every aircraft he has for sale. Other items to be addressed are the routine maintenance requirements, hangarage, legality of landing sites and environmental flying techniques.

Owners may also need specialist advice on the insurance requirements and likely CSL rates. In the UK , the London Lloyds market is the prime aviation insurer and Dennis is always happy to act as initial intermediary with brokers to enable buyers to obtain impartial advice. He does not accept commissions for placing his customer's business.

He is also available to advise purchasers on available finance in the form of aircraft mortgages or more straightforward hire purchase agreements.



Dennis showing off the self-build "Rotorway 162F

           MD 500 - Top speed150 mph - 5 seats
           Prices from £245,000