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You should be talking to Dennis Kenyon

Dennis has for sale a wonderful Cessna 182Q 'Skylane.' (see picture) This aircraft is America's favourite single-piston touring aircraft. Four passenger seats with an option of two further seats for the kids. A smooth six-cylinder Rolls-Royce 'Continental' 230 BHP engine that pushes her along in a 75% power cruise to give 140 knots. Top TAS is 170 knots at height. The 90 US gallon tank provides a 5 hours endurance. Avionics fit allows full IFR 'airways' instrument flying. Total airframe time is 2,810 hours. Engine hours are 1310 SOH. (2,000 hour life) The Hartzell prop was overhauled in May 2013. (five years TBO) This 1980 aircraft was manufactured in Rheims so has a factory 'Zinc-Chromate' interior anti-corrosion coating. A custom paint job was added two years ago making the exterior appearance an easy 10 out of 10.  The interior is just about average, and a proud owner might want this updated to the latest factory standard.The new factory C182T version would set you back $400,000 US dollars.This beautiful aircraft is offered at £49,500 plus VAT where applicable.  Call Dennis Kenyon for further details. Aircraft based at Shobdon in England.

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For Sale at 49,500