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Dennis Kenyon has been a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved helicopter display pilot since 1974 and has completed around 1300 public displays and practices at major air shows in the UK and internationally. He is approved by the CAA as a display evaluator (DAE) allowing him to issue and renew pilot's Display Authority (DA). Visitors to this site can view his display flying on our ‘Home' page.

Dennis has represented the United Kingdom in the ‘Freestyle' section of five World Helicopter Championships (WHC). He achieved a fifth place in the 1986 event flying an Enstrom 280C Shark. Dennis followed this by winning the 1992 title outright at RAF Wroughton, again flying an Enstrom Shark.

At the 2002 WHC held in Austria Dennis took the third place flying a Schweizer 300C. The 2005 event was held in France where he was awarded the highest points total for his wonderful Schweizer 300C display but sadly had to forfeit first place when he left the 500 metre display box. Dennis feels his Rouen display flown to the music of Ravel's Bolero was technically his best ever. This display can also be viewed on our ‘Home' page.

In 2008, Dennis made a fifth WHC entry at the old ‘Cold War' Russian border airfield at Eisenach where, using an Enstrom 28A model, he achieved a fourth place.

Dennis continues his display programme for private events and air show organisers who can book his unique helicopter display here. Helicopters available include the Enstrom Shark, an Enstrom 480 turbine, the Schweizer 300 or the turbine MD500. Please e-mail: for details and a fixed price quotation.

Dennis' display programme is managed by Brendan O Brien's ‘Flying Circus' where a variety of aviation displays including truck-top landings, pyrotechnic night displays and unusual flying stunts can be booked. Details can be found HERE.

Helicopter pilots interested in obtaining a CAA approved ‘display authority' are offered a ten-hour ‘Display & Flying Demonstration' course on suitable helicopter types. Please obtain a copy of the CAA's document CAP 403 and make e-mail contact with Dennis for details. Pilots should ideally have around 500type hours experience.


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Dennis performing a one skid Pirouette"
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