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You should be talking to Dennis Kenyon

Dennis Kenyon has been involved in helicopter sales since his company held the European sales agency for the Enstrom range of helicopters. Sales agencies were also held for the Bell 206 Jetranger, the Hughes, now MacDonnell Douglas 500 range, the Schweizer/Sikorsky 300 range and the McCulloch J2 Gyroplane. During that time he completed sales of just over 300 aircraft. Since Dennis became closely associated with the Enstrom range, even in semi retirement he tends to keep at least one model Enstrom in stock.

The Enstrom 280 comes in two engine forms: the normally aspirated Lycoming piston and the more powerful turbo-charged 280C Shark version. The type is a three-seater with a separate luggage locker and noted for its performance. Top speed is 117 mph and in 100 mph cruise configuration fuel consumption is around 11 gallons an hour. (not much more than a V12 sports car!) The type makes an ideal ‘first buy' and with its electric trim-control system, the Shark can be flown ‘hands & feet' off.

The type has an enviable safety record and there has never been an accident fatality in the UK in 40 years of operations. The manufacturer is based in Michigan USA where they maintain a full service and parts support throughout the world.

It is not generally appreciated that the Enstrom Shark has an aerobatic capability and has twice won the ‘Freestyle' section of the World Helicopter Championships. There is a later turbine version being the 5 seat 480 model.

Currently we are offering a 1978 280C Shark model. Most components have around 50-60% of hours remaining. An equivalent new model ex-factory currently costs £375,000. The advertised price of this model is £59,500 VAT paid which includes flying instruction to PPL(H) standard with Dennis. Please contact for full details.

Delivery immediate ex Shobdon Airfield.


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For Sale at £59,500.
Price includes PPL instruction with Dennis

          Sikorsky300C - 3 seats - Ideal helicopter training
         or Utility roles. Prices from £70,000