The Hangleton & Knoll 50+ Steering Group


2019 October Event.

The Hangleton and Knoll 50+ Steering Group held its Annual October Event on Friday 4 th October 2019 at St. Richard's Community Centre, Egmont Road, Hove. This year's event was supported by Ageing Well and the Eileen and Derek Dodgson Foundation.

The Event was a great opportunity for older people to see just how much is available in Hangleton & Knoll. Over 150 people and members from 20 local groups attended. We were pleased to greet the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Alan Robins, and the local MP, Peter Kyle.

The event was organised by the Hangleton & Knoll 50+ Steering Group and staff from the Hangleton & Knoll Project. The Steering Group works to address the issues that matter to local older people, organises trips, sets up new groups (recently SocialPing, Social Bridge for Beginners, and Men in Sheds) and ensures that the views of older people from the area contribute to relevant citywide initiatives.


Our next event will be the popular "Spring Hop in May, so watch this space!


Men in Sheds

The 50+Steering Group was approached a few years ago to consider forming a Men in Sheds group in Hangleton and one did start, but had to vacate the premises being used owing to household insurance difficulties. I am pleased to say that the idea was not dropped and we now have a group who have actively set up and are working in a large double garage in Fishersgate (West Road) . We are welcoming anyone from Hove to Shoreham. This group is now an independent constituted group and known as the Southdown Men in Sheds.

Gardening Group

Unfortunately the Gardening group has had to discontunue activities owing to falling membership. If any suitable replacement is found it will be publicised here.