The Hangleton & Knoll 50+ Steering Group


Men in Sheds

It was clear for a long time that many of the activities available and supported by the 50+ committee are either somewhat sedentary or largely aimed at the interests of older ladies. There has been little that men could really get their teeth into or where men could just get together and socialise other than going down to the pub. Some men have allotments and probably from this arose the idea that men could meet and socialise, and also be creative, in their sheds, not necessarily associated with gardening. The idea was born in Ireland where it is quite a strong movement today and also took root in Australia where is is now a very widespread movement. Nothing like it existed in England until several years ago when some small groups started up. There are now a growing number of groups in England, the nearest being in Worthing, but there was a growing demand for it locally, and from the Hangleton and Knoll Project and 50+ Steering group's perspective, it clearly ticks all of the boxes!

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The 50+Steering Group was approached a few years ago to consider forming such a group and one did start, but had to vacate the premises being used owing to household insurance difficulties. I am pleased to say that the idea was not dropped and we now have a group who have actively set up and are working in a large double garage in Fishersgate (West Road) . We are welcoming anyone from Hove to Shoreham. This group is now an independent constituted group and known as the Southdown Men in Sheds.


Gardening Group

In 2014 an unexpected offer was made of some spare ground behind Wayfield Lodge opposite the Martlets Hospice and the use of this has been donated to the 50+ Gardening group.Some of the group are already helping to keep the main gardens tidy as a thank you for this.

In 2015 a start was made to landscape this garden in order to provide adequate level growing space. All the unwanted vegetation was cleared and some tree pruning carried out to let in more light. Landscaping design was carried out with the help of the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and major earthwork will soon be has been carried out with the help of the Council and volunteers. We prepared the land for use and had a very successful first year with plenty of vegetatbles and herbs shared arounds the members. As usual, many hands make light work so new volunteers are always welcome. This is still progressing but we need new active members to keep it going as a number of the original members can no longer manage the work involved.

If you can help or would like to become a member, please contact:-

Contact Clare Hopkins 01273 410858